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ADAC Ranking 2019

Famous German automobile club, the ADAC owns several tour operators and publishes the German magazine to the greatest number of draws.
The association’s website receives over a hundred thousand visits a year.

An essential organization in Germany, the ADAC instructs its inspectors to evaluate European campsites through very rigorous audits.
The evaluation by the ADAC is a prestigious guarantee of quality for a campsite. It deals with complete and precise criteria.
Are evaluated by the ADAC the number and quality of sanitary facilities, the general setting in which are located and their comfort (surface, privacy, maintenance), the presence and quality of shops and restaurants, bathing places (pond, river as aquatic space), and finally the number and quality of equipment and facilities of relaxation.
The assessment of sanitary facilities and sites weighs more heavily on the final score than the other criteria: 40% of the sanitary note and 25% of the sites, respectively. We are proud to earn excellent marks each year from such a strong influence association.
Once again this year, the ADAC inspectors hailed with an excellent rating the availability and the number of our toilets and the setting offered by our land.

Once again, the AADAC guide has just classified the camping mas de la cam 4.5 out of 5 stars!