To keep you busy at all ages, we have equipped our site with new, very versatile sports and recreation facilities: a net structure with many workshops for children, and an outdoor fitness area.
In the spirit of parkabout, our net structure is a closed space of 100 m2 to go, for children: both fun and sporty, the course is punctuated with several attractions and challenges to be met: nets to climb, trampolines, kinballs, rope ladders, various workshops, but also a zip line! The whole structure provides a safe space for children, both pleasantly bouncy and safe in case of a fall.
For adults and older, we have set up an outdoor fitness area: in a quiet and wooded environment, you will find fitness equipment designed to work different groups of muscles. Usable in solo or duo, our machines are designed to train, depending on the model, endurance, abs and lumbar, adductors, large back, biceps and triceps: squat machine, Roman chair or traction bar, you will find among our outdoor appliances the same variety as in the dining room … with the outdoors and the setting!

New net structure installed on the playground, 100m2 for children aged 5 and over with zip line, jump room, and 12 mini workshops.