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The ideal starting point for cycling

For the trained cyclist campsite Mas de la Cam is a great start to make beautiful cycling trips in the surroundings. The roads are excellent and because the campsite is situated near the "parc national des Cevennes", you will not come across much traffic. Whatever direction you decide to go, the route always goes over quiet roads and great mountains. When you arrive at the top of each mountain, you can enjoy the beautiful view and the silence of nature. And of course you can make a stop on one of the many terraces in the beautiful picturesque villages that you come across during your trip. The mountains in the Cevennes belong to the category of the "middle-mountains" and they reach a height of 500 to 1.000 metres, climbing over a distance of 5 to 10 km. An exception is the climbing of the Mont Aigoual. With a height of 1565 metres, this is the highest mountain in the Cevennes and the length of the climbing from the direction of Valleraugue is 28 km.

Many courses tours all levels

The whole trip from the campsite to the Mont Aigoual and back along a different route by way of St. André de Valborgne, is about 120 km. So this is indeed a great challenge of your sportsmanlike stay at campsite Mas de la Cam! Bike tour: Click here